Manufacturing Plant

Yarn Facility

With the recent investment in state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that are worth 10 mi Dollars, Altınyıldız yarn facility was innovated thoroughly. The cutting edge machinery technology enabled Altınyıldız to manufacture any and all yarns of wool industry (from 1/40 NM to 2/100 conventional winding NM). The facility is capable of manufacturing 6,5 tons of yarn per day and 1.950 tons of yarn per annum.

Weaving Facility

With the recent investments, the weaving industry was renovated with state-of-the-art technology globally known in the wool industry. Cutting edge technology ‘Dornier’ Rapier looms are capable of manufacturing 10 mio meter wool and wool-mixed fabric per annum.

Dyeing and Finishing

Dyeing and finishing units contribute to our products with added value and specific features, and they are equipped with cutting edge technology. Trendy colouring and trendy touches that are 2 important features of textile products are applied to outputs in substantial part of our integration.

Dyeing and finishing techniques are applied to products for permanent gloss, permanent touch, maximum comfort and elasticity, permanent resistance (durability), washability, permanent iron, wrinkle recovery. Fabrics are ecologic with permanent gloss and touches thanks to dyeing and finishing techniques used at our facilities.

Altınyıldız fabrics are user-friendly and durable for their elastic tissue; they are washable and come wrinkle-free..