About Altınyıldız

About Altınyıldız

Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş., is a Boyner Holding corporation that came into operation in 1952. Passionate to introduce Turkish fabrics to the world, the company exported for the first time in 1956. Having equipped with yarn and fabric units (weaving, dyeing, finishing) under one umbrella, and established on 62.200  sqm indoor space, Altınyıldız factory has become one of the world’s largest integrated plants for wool fabric today…

The company went public in 1991, and became the first textile company to be eligible for ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in Turkey in 1992. It also became the very first Turkish company accepted in Australian Super Fine Wool Growers Association in 1996 for its contributions to sectoral improvement.

Having established a Combined Heat and Power Plant of 5,5 megawatt in 1997, Altınyıldız moved it to the new production plant in Çerkezköy in 2011.

Pioneering in the wool fabric sector throughout the domestic market, Altınyıldız is widely acclaimed for its largest sales volume. Export sales are affected through sales office seated in the USA and agents in Germany, the Netherlands, France, England, Russia, Finland, Australia, and Spain.

Having 10.000.000 m fabric production capacity per annum, Altınyıldız is leading the domestic market and is listed amongst the world’s leading wool manufacturing companies with more than 130 mio dollars annual turnover and nearly 1000 personnel.

Individual Organisation and Development

As a group, we are dedicated to support self-improvement of our people uninterruptedly. In this sense, people recruited at Altınyıldız instantly begin to enjoy learning and development opportunities made available to them. To safeguard equality of opportunity; all training sessions, participation in training, training hour and training investment parameters are monitored for both males and females.

Our people are supported in a wide range of opportunities including without limitation personal development, professional development, occupational health and safety. Desk training, web-based training, on-the-job training, outsourced training and peer-to-peer training practices are amongst the methods followed at the company-wise.

In addition to the aforecited training opportunities, all executives at Altınyıldız have been affiliated with Boyner Group Executives Communication and Development Programme (BIG) within Boyner Group since 2003.

Objective of the BIG Programme is to allow executives at Altınyıldız get to know the group and each other enable executives learn from top management’s experience and knowledge, share fund of knowledge throughout the group, and offer opportunities for development. Meetings and seminars are set, events are organised at the group, and projects are designed as part of the BIG Programme.

Boyner Group Academia and Qualifications Development – BANG – is a platform intended for all group personnel for their constant improvement. Tens of articles, presentations, sources, training & development opportunities are made available on Boynerişim, a shared intranet platform accessible to each personnel. Seminars for improved skills on wide range from fashion to management, personal improvement to ethics and values are announced every two months and all personnel regardless of the title and place of work are welcomed.


Customer Satisfaction is What is Essential

We are dedicated to come up with creative products, services and experience beyond customer expectation, improve functionality in all aspects that relates to and comes in contact with customers, in short, become a customer-oriented company no matter what! It is indispensable to make customers feel that they are important and prioritised.


We mean to discover creative solutions and approaches and to have skills to implement them; lead the market as a trailblazer; and continuously evaluate and improve the way we do business. Paving the way for new ideas in our teams is crucial. Asking “Why Not?” is encouraged. Our customers are the source of inspiration for innovation.


We are capable of taking action quickly and being flexible. We support transformation with no loss of time if and when needed.


We are passionate about what we do, and lead our business, motivate our teams and create inspiring atmosphere for them. We have positive attitudes and encourage our teams to be positive, too. We focus on the target and work resolutely for attaining it. Boyner Group people love what they do.

Continuous Learning

We support continuous learning, updating specialised knowledge, providing training for others, teaching and learning, having access to information from various sources, and creating vision as to which direction business tends to go. It simply is indispensable for Boyner Group personnel to ensure that the business, the teams and the people are more productive.

Responsible Citizenship

We make contributions and give support to society, endeavouring to become a “good person, good company and good citizen” with an ethical, transparent accountable and sustainable approach to team mates, business partners, customers and society. Boyner Group personnel are loyal to do business with social, economic and environmental awareness.

We are a big family

Reciprocal trust, respect, pro-active participation, justice and collaboration are always highly embraced at Boyner Group -just like a good family does. Every single member of the family is given and enjoys equal opportunities for work, promotion and improvement of skills with no discrimination. Performance is the only criterion for evaluation. We cling to reliability, warmth and coziness of a family environment.


To generate electric and heat power in 5 megawatt, we installed Combined Heat and Power Plant (Cogeneration Plant) in 1997. Our company was awarded with the first degree rank for its plant at the Contest of Turkey’s Most Successful Cogeneration Plants in 2001. Works are underway for new projects.

Human Resources Policy

Transparency, accountability, and pro-active participation are core values for human resources management at Altınyıldız.

Colleagues are treated equally at Altınyıldız.

Democracy at Work Place

An open communication medium is supported at Altınyıldız where our people are encouraged to express their opinion and recommendations freely. Strongly believing that any and all kinds of opinions, criticism and recommendations are shared not only through pre-defined channels but throughout the organisation, open communication environments are supported. In case of potential conflicts at the work place, all our people are treated equally regardless of discrimination based on status.

Principle of Equal Treatment

Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş. pays particular attention for offering equal opportunities in recruitment, business relationship process, wage, access to training, promotions, retirement and employment benefits and terms. Discrimination based on race, colour, sex, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, political view or tendencies, ethnic identity, health condition, familial responsibilities, union participation or membership, physical disability or age are never tolerated.

Occupational Health and Safety

Providing healthy and safe working conditions for our people is prioritised. Our people are provided with training sessions and seminars on “Occupational Health and Safety” on a yearly basis. We raise awareness for matters crucial for daily working environments.

Information and catch-up works are supported with in-house publications on Group-wise; “Occupational Health and Safety” manual helps to improve knowledge and enhance health and welfare with practical recommendations. In addition to this, informative and guiding cards are prepared for visitors that visit us at our work place.


Altınyıldız never discriminates against sex, age, ethnic identity, religion, marital status, disability, political view or attachment, sexual orientation and gender identity at job applications.  Principles of justice and equality are adopted for human resources policies and practices in recruitment, promotions, transfers, rotations, wages etc. At selection and placement steps, equal opportunities are given to competent people (equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes) by nature of the position/work that adopt and accord to corporate values.

Selection tools with proven scientific validity and reliability are utilised for objective candidate selection. Standardised selection tools guarantee equality in recruitment.

Quality Policy

Engaged in manufacturing wool fabric, we provide products and services that meet existing and future expectations and requirements of customers and of the industry. 

Based on guiding principles of /TS 9001 standard, out quality management system supports entirety of the production phase and improve it uninterruptedly and consistently.

Delivering excellent goods at a competitive price and n a timely fashion does not necessarily mean unified quality. To us, quality is a journey for all our people in all steps of production and sales.

Measuring quality targets and enabling constant improvement is integral part of our job. we monitor data with “Tables for Performance Improvement”, and improve them if deemed necessary.

We share our policy to all our people constantly and encourage sustainability of improvement and self betterment with training sessions whereby well-defined business process-driven competencies are cherished.

We are dedicated to review and restructure systems, processes and communications channel.


Altınyıldız manufacturing facility is an integrated plant established on 62.200 sqm indoor space. It is composed of yarn, weaving, dyeing and finishing units. Nearly with 10 mio m wool and wool mixture production capacity per annum, it is listed amongst the world’s largest integrated plants in its field.

Day Nursery

Altınyıldız Day Nursery is at disposal of female personnel, helping for a well-balanced professional and family life since 1979. The day nursery has capacity for 60 children of 0-5 years of age. In addition to educational activities, social activities are also available at the day nursery that graduates and prepares little ones for life every year.


To constantly improve pro-active skills necessary for a sustainable system that, in turn, is dynamic, pioneering, and in line with the international standards without engaging in any activities that conflict with our social responsibilities and ethical values; to preserve team work that relies on reciprocal respect, trust, transparency, honesty, principles of individual responsibility and collaboration within a process management based organisational structure; to make use of cutting edge technologies, management and technological tools as per a corporate culture that puts its trust in transformation, hence to pave the grounds for self-betterment and improved skills and competencies, maximising in-house synergy, and to create a corporate and individual culture environment.


To become a rewarding and globally leading company that adopts a governance pattern wherein benefits and interests of customers, personnel and stakeholders as well as communities, society and environment are considered with dye diligence and believes that success is not a destination but a never-ending & heart-warming journey.


Traditional Altınyıldız picnic event received 2000 personnel in a festival atmosphere!

As one of the five biggest integrated plants that manufacture wool fabric in the world, Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş., organised a picnic event at the garden of its Çerkezköy plant on August 9, 2015 Sunday. All personnel and their families were invited to the event. 2000 personnel were received at the picnic, foods were served, contests were organised, and gifts were presented. People danced and children got the best of it. The picnic event was no different from a festival ground. Altınyıldız organised music and singing contest, and the best singer was selected by the audience applause. A local band performed a mini stage show to end the event. Hayri Özsüt, Deputy Director of Human Resources announced that further events and social activities intended for the personnel were to be expected.

35th Year Graduates of Altınyıldız Day Nursery

Altınyıldız Day Nursery was originally set up as a nursing room in 1979. Students graduated on August 19, 2015, 35th anniversary of the day nursery. 23 children graduated on a ceremony, enjoyed and entertained simultaneously. Little graduates prepared shows and performances throughout the year for this special event. Our people watched the performance in pride and joy. Gifts and diplomas were presented to the graduates. The ceremony ended at the day nursery garden where delicious foods prepared for the day by mothers were served.

Double Celebrations at Altınyıldız Towards the New Year

Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş. had double celebrations towards 2016. A special event was organised just like in the previous years to say goodbye to the passing year and welcome the new year. People had a good time accompanied with live music. General Manager was also present at the event. People  enjoyed special cocktails, danced and sang along. Lots were drawn, 20 personnel won gold while 20 other won gift card. Altınyıldız made children happy, too.

New Year joy at Altınyıldız Day Nursery

Altınyıldız and Boyner Holding personnel drew lots and 56 children at the day nursery were given toys as gifts. Boyner Holding Board of Directors gave edutaining toys to all children. Personnel and children united around an entertaining event and gave gifts to children in person.

Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş. carries on with the corporate culture

One of the world’s biggest wool fabric manufacturers, Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş., organises circumcision feasts every two years. This year, it was organised at the company’s plant in Çerkezköy. 600 personnel together with their relatives attended the feast. The event took place on May 29, 2016 and every single detail was considered and well planned for 127 children that were circumcised in advance. People had a very nice time dancing; fried meat and semolina dessert were served as part of the customs and tradition. Gold  coin was pinned on circumcised boys. Boyner Group Deputy Chairman of the Board, Lerzan Boyner, and Shareholding Partner Leman Halulu attended the event, witnessing little one’s joy.


To reduce adverse impacts on the environment, we have initiated projects targeting less raw materials, auxiliary products, power and water consumptions. We measure the impacts of our projects.

Since 2011, we have calculated carbon footprint for all our production and administrative activities at Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş. We want to reduce emissions in our fight with climate change.

Environmental Policy

We particularly care for environmental protection and pollution prevention.

 In the light of these principles:

·        Environmental targets are set systematically, programmes are made, evaluated, sources are allocated accordingly.

·        We comply with the environmental laws and regulations, and fulfil all legal requirements and other terms.

·        To prevent pollution, we keep environmental impacts under control.

·        We raise environmental awareness and responsibility and pay due diligence to environmental protection when we operate.

·        Wastes from our activities are sorted by type, and implement a recycling or waste disposal method.

·        We work for reducing natural resources and power consumption.

·        Raw materials, auxiliary product(s) are used most effectively.

·        Environmental performance is constantly monitored through Environmental Management system, and we make improvements accordingly.

Wage and Benefits

A fair and equal wage system is used at our companies. Age, sex or any other similar criteria are not taken into consideration when determining wages. Remuneration is based on the nature of the position/work. We rely on a global scaling system and make evaluations accordingly. For this reason, technical background, qualifications and experience of the personnel, as well as nature of the work they perform are considered.

Wages and benefits for union member personnel recruited at Altınyıldız Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon A.Ş. are determined as per collective bargaining agreements.

Working Hours

White-collars work 45 hours a week. Working hours are between 08:00 and 18:00 on weekdays (from Monday to Friday).

In textile business, shift work patterns are followed depending on the production schedule.


We have a flexible and innovative structure. We closely follow up with industry-based advancements and innovations with our fund of knowledge in production, product development and pattern designs. Prolific collaborations with foreign technical consultants, designers, and mechanics technology experts add to Altınyıldız’s dynamism. We are closely following up with smart projects of the future.

Having a production yield of 9.2 mio m, Altınyıldız is a leading player in the wool fabric industry in Turkey. Its success in the wool fabric sector where competition is heated is owed to effective production systems, superior quality products and excellent service to customers.

Manufacturing Plant

Yarn Facility

With the recent investment in state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that are worth 10 mi Dollars, Altınyıldız yarn facility was innovated thoroughly. The cutting edge machinery technology enabled Altınyıldız to manufacture any and all yarns of wool industry (from 1/40 NM to 2/100 conventional winding NM). The facility is capable of manufacturing 6,5 tons of yarn per day and 1.950 tons of yarn per annum.

Weaving Facility

With the recent investments, the weaving industry was renovated with state-of-the-art technology globally known in the wool industry. Cutting edge technology ‘Dornier’ rapier looms are capable of manufacturing 10 mio meter wool and wool-mixed fabric per annum.

Dyeing and Finishing

Dyeing and finishing units contribute to our products with added value and specific features, and they are equipped with cutting edge technology. Trendy colouring and trendy touches that are 2 important features of textile products are applied to outputs in substantial part of our integration.

Dyeing and finishing techniques are applied to products for permanent gloss, permanent touch, maximum comfort and elasticity, permanent resistance (durability), washability, permanent iron, wrinkle recovery. Fabrics are ecologic with permanent gloss and touches thanks to dyeing and finishing techniques used at our facilities.

Altınyıldız fabrics are user-friendly and durable for their elastic tissue; they are washable and come wrinkle-free.