Individual And Organizational Development

As a group, we are dedicated to support self-improvement of our people uninterruptedly. In this sense, people recruited at Altınyıldız instantly begin to enjoy learning and development opportunities made available to them. To safeguard equality of opportunity; all training sessions, participation in training, training hour and training investment parameters are monitored for males and females.

Our people are supported in a wide range of opportunities including without limitation personal development, professional development, occupational health and safety. Desk training, web-based training, on-the-job training, outsourced training and peer-to-peer training practices are amongst the methods followed at the company-wise.

In addition to the aforecited training opportunities, all executives at Altınyıldız have been affiliated with Boyner Group Executives Communication and Development Programme (BIG) within Boyner Group since 2003.

Objective of the BIG Programme is to allow executives at Altınyıldız get to know the group and each other, enable executives learn from top management’s experience and knowledge, share fund of knowledge throughout the group, and offer opportunities for development. Meetings and seminars are set, events are organised at the group, and projects are designed as part of the BIG Programme.

Boyner Group Academia and Qualifications Development – BANG – is a platform intended for all group personnel for their constant improvement. Tens of articles, presentations, sources, training & development opportunities are made available on Boynerişim, a shared intranet platform accessible to each personnel. Seminars for improved skills on a wide range from fashion to management, personal improvement to ethics and values are announced every two months and all personnel regardless of the title and place of work are welcomed.